Why RX/Seaport?

RX/SeaPort is making the Port of Zeebrugge BREXIT-proof by bringing together all necessary actors in one platform. In this way, all data required for the BREXIT administrative context will be digitally processed. The final goal is that the physical traffic flow does not get interrupted because of the BREXIT-related document flow.

Meet our services:

RX/SeaPort is the digital connection of all actors in the in the logistics chain in Zeebrugge. It allows to create a single connection to exchange data/information between all parties involved, such as logistic companies, terminals, shipping companies and beside this also public bodies like customs and port authorities.

What can RX/Seaport mean for my company?

RX/SeaPort ensures time and efficiency gains through simplification and digitization of the administrative process in freight transport. This indirectly provides time savings and optimization in planning.

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#Brexit vier maanden later: een uniek kennerspanel geeft u samen met Lia van Bekhoven een kijk op de situatie aan beide kanten van het Kanaal. Mis dit Flows-e-breakfast van dinsdag 27 april niet. @FODFinancien @PortmadeNV @SeaportRx @BASF_Antwerp

27/4 - Brexit: de tussenstand


Het Brexit circulatieplan rond en naar de haven van Zeebrugge is tegen het weekend niet langer meer van kracht. Alle signalisatie wordt momenteel mondjesmaat weggehaald. Tegen vrijdagavond worden de snelheidslimieten terug zoals voorheen. #brexitbelgium #altijdwaakzaam

In less than 30 days of operation, already 1.5 mio messages have been processed through the RX/SeaPort platform! Digitalisation is the way to perform in Post-Brexit era.
Special thanks to all our business partners and authorities. #BrexitProofPort.

Vertaling weergeven

31/12/2020: The end of the Brexit transition, but the start for the RX/SeaPort platform.
Providing all logistics partners a simple, clear and reliable means to exchange information from the start.

Already starting our 4th day of operations.

#BrexitProofPort Port of Zeebrugge

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