Prepare for the Brexit

In the RX/SeaPort wizard, we focus on the impact of Brexit on the logistics process, namely the transport of goods that are transported via a Belgian port to or from the UK. 

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Your Brexit Gateway

RX/SeaPort is the digital connection of all actors in the in the logistics chain in Zeebrugge. It allows to create a single connection to exchange data/information between all parties involved, such as logistic companies, terminals, shipping companies and beside this also public bodies like customs and port authorities.

RX/SeaPort is making the Port of Zeebrugge BREXIT-proof by bringing together all necessary actors in one platform. In this way, all data required for the BREXIT administrative context will be digitally processed. The final goal is that the physical traffic flow does not get interrupted because of the BREXIT-related document flow.

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What can RX/Seaport mean for your company?

  • Minimize the Brexit impact in your company and the port of Zeebrugge
  • Transparency across the entire logistics chain through the digitization of the data streams
  • Increased operational efficiency through optimal (re) use of data and information
  • Lower error burden by avoiding bilateral connections

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Het VK zal nu @EUCouncil om uitstel van de #brexit vragen. Alle 27 lidstaten moeten hier unaniem mee instemmen. Of ze dat doen, en onder welke voorwaarden, is onduidelijk. ❓ Zit je als ondernemer met vragen? Bezoek @FlandersTrade

EU leaders could agree a short delay to #Brexit, says @eucopresident Donald Tusk, but only on condition that MPs pass Theresa May's deal in the House of Commons

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