Why 2 factor Authentication ?

Logging into a system with a user name and a password has not been sufficient for proper protection for some time now.

  • Is the password changed regularly ?
  • Is there a chance that the password is on the lists of hacked passwords that can be found on the Internet for free or for a fee ?

To reduce the long list of risks, RX/SeaPort is activating 2-factor authentication to better secure your data.  This will be possible as soon as you will see the 2FA announcement with QR code at login.


What does this mean for you ?  When logging in to the portal, you must enter a one-time code (One-Time Password) in addition to your password.

This OTP you will receive on any Authenticator app on your smartphone, which you can find in the app store if you would not have one already on your phone:

Some free options:
Click For Android
Click For iPhone
Click For Windows Phone

After entering your username and password on https://portal.rxseaport.eu, follow the instruction of the activation window

IMPORTANT: if you use the same PC and Internet Browser (Chrome, Firefox, …) you only have to enter the OTP code once per week.