Green Light Check

In order to avoid waitingtimes and traffic jams RX/SeaPort has developed a digitaal tool The Greenlight Check

Green Light Check avoids traffic jams due to Brexit in Zeebrugge

On the 1st Jan 2021 the United Kingdom becomes a third country and therefore new customs regulations are taking place. In order to avoid waitingtimes and traffic jams RX/SeaPort has developed a digital tool ‘The Greenlight Check’.

Through this tool, the drivers are able to check in real time if their customs documents are cleared and therefore get access to the Port of Zeebrugge; the designated terminal.

Port of Zeebrugge is Brexit-Proof 

Companies within the port, customs and haulage companies are able to interchange data in real time thanks to  the RX/SeaPort platform.

Because of this, it will allow UK traffic, after Brexit with new customs regulations and systems, will still have a good and fast access to the Port of Zeebrugge.

Green Light? Welcome

Drivers and planners of haulage companies will be able to get access to the Greenligt Check via their mobile. Therefore they will be able to check if their goods are ready to be picked up/dropped of at the terminal.

The tool is very customer friendly.

By simple input of the Unit DI and bookingsnumber, a Green or Red Light is shown on the system.

Green means that all documents are ok and therefore driver can enter the Port of Zeebrugge; the terminal. Red does not allow you to enter the port.

The Green Light check allows drivers and planners to organize their transports more efficient and therefore avoid unneccessary waitingtimes.

With the Green Light check the Port of Zeebrugge wants to avoid traffic jams which we have seen the last weeks at the Channel crossings.