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Arrival notice


  • Arrival notification at customs office of exit through. “Arrival at exit” message


  • Terminal operator


  • Belgian Customs


  • Execution of electronic risk analysis by the Belgian customs, this can result in an inspection (documentary inspection, scanning or physical inspection)


  • Upon arrival at the terminal


  • Based on the data in the RX/SeaPort dashboard, the arrival notification to customs can be done automatically.
  • The arrival of the goods can be followed at any time via the RX Dashboard

If the driver arrives with the cargo at the terminal, the arrival message of the shipment can be made by the terminal operator based on the information already known in the RX/SeaPort dashboard. Customs know at that moment that the goods have arrived at the port of exit and can check the goods again (if needed). Customs will then report to the terminal whether the cargo is technically okay and that it can be shipped.

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Pre-registration of customs data via the e-Desk

Pre-registration via e-Desk

Pre-registration of customs data via the e-Desk

Pre-registration of customs data via the e-Desk: via the e-Desk the user (freight forwarder, importer, ...) notifies the terminal operator of the customs status of the cargo with the accompanying customs document numbers (MRNs). The necessary data can be entered manually or via 'multi-insert' via the web application or automatically via a connection with most customs software applications. The terminal operator can request this data permanently and is thus informed that a customs document is available for your goods. On the basis of this information, the cargo can be released for transport.

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Track and trace via RX Dashboard

Track&Trace via RX Dashboard

Track and trace via RX Dashboard

Via the RX dashboard the importer, his representative and the haulier receive timely insight into the different statuses of their cargo, via a handy track & trace system. 

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