Export to the UK

Prepare for the Brexit


Exit confirmation


  • The customs office of exit will send an Exit Confirmation to the customs office of export, which in turn forwards the message to the declarant of the export declaration.


  • Belgian Customs


  • Exporter or third party (forwarder, customs representative, …)


  • Declaration that the goods that have been loaded have actually left the EU and that there is therefore a right to exemption from VAT on exports.


  • Upon confirmation of exit from European territory


  • The exit confirmation is visible in the RX/SeaPort dashboard for all parties involved

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Pre-registration of customs data via the e-Desk

Pre-registration via e-Desk

Pre-registration of customs data via the e-Desk

Pre-registration of customs data via the e-Desk: via the e-Desk the user (freight forwarder, importer, ...) notifies the terminal operator of the customs status of the cargo with the accompanying customs document numbers (MRNs). The necessary data can be entered manually or via 'multi-insert' via the web application or automatically via a connection with most customs software applications. The terminal operator can request this data permanently and is thus informed that a customs document is available for your goods. On the basis of this information, the cargo can be released for transport.

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