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Transport to terminal


  • Transfer the goods to the port from where the goods are shipped


  • Haulier


  • Terminal operator


  • Goods available for shipment


  • N/A


  • Via the various transport options by which the port can be reached

Before departure, the carrier can check in the RX/SeaPort Dashboard whether the necessary information is already available in the e-Desk. If not, the registration number, Unit number, MRN number and declaration type must be entered in the e-Desk. This must in any event be done before arrival of the goods at the terminal of shipment.

You must of course make clear transport agreements with your carrier. Use the ICC Incoterms ®2010 for clear agreements on delivery conditions, transport and handling of the (customs) formalities of your goods. You can also consider using a customs broker.

Used by traffic control, a Greenlanes app will be available to both transporters as well as traffic control that indicates if a truck should be granted free passage (i.e. will be handled upon arrival in Zeebrugge). In order to avoid the traffic jams during congestion, this app will require a visit registration from the truck, or more conveniently the use of the eCMR.

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Pre-registration of customs data via the e-Desk

Pre-registration via e-Desk

Pre-registration of customs data via the e-Desk

Pre-registration of customs data via the e-Desk: via the e-Desk the user (freight forwarder, importer, ...) notifies the terminal operator of the customs status of the cargo with the accompanying customs document numbers (MRNs). The necessary data can be entered manually or via 'multi-insert' via the web application or automatically via a connection with most customs software applications. The terminal operator can request this data permanently and is thus informed that a customs document is available for your goods. On the basis of this information, the cargo can be released for transport.

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Track and trace via RX Dashboard

Track&Trace via RX Dashboard

Track and trace via RX Dashboard

Via the RX dashboard the importer, his representative and the haulier receive timely insight into the different statuses of their cargo, via a handy track & trace system. 

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