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Temporary storage declaration

(cargo manifest)


  • Cargo declaration to customs at the port of discharge


  • Shipping company (directly or through a shipping agent)


  • Belgian Customs


  • Execution of electronic risk analysis by the Belgian customs, this can result in an inspection (documentary inspection, scanning or physical inspection)
  • Declaration for taking the goods in temporary customs storage of the terminal at discharge


  • Deepsea: 72h to 48h before arrival
  • Shortsea: 2h before arrival


  • The necessary data is requested by the shipping company when booking the sea transport. Based on that data, the shipping company will submit the declaration for temporary storage (CUSCAR message) electronically to Belgian Customs (PLDA).

The temporary storage declaration must be submitted for all goods discharged in a European port. This must also be done for goods that are discharged in the port, but then loaded in another vessel. All goods mentioned in a temporary storage declaration must also be included in the ENS (see step 1 – Entry Summary declaration).

The temporary storage declaration is done by sending an electronic CUSCAR message to Belgian Customs. NxtPort’s “import consignment”* service can ensure that customs representatives can access the correct information from the cargo manifest quickly and efficiently. This service collects the cargo manifest data as received in the agent’s CUSCAR messages. A user of this API can digitally reuse this data in their software for the preparation of customs declarations.

T1 shipments

In order to release the terminals as quickly as possible, for all shipments under T1 the customs office in the relevant port is considered as the office of transit. On the cargo list (CUSCAR) the T1 shipments must be indicated with the code “TT”, so that they can be automatically cleared.

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Track and trace via RX Dashboard

Track&Trace via RX Dashboard

Track and trace via RX Dashboard

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