Import from the UK

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Discharge notice

& temporary storage


  • Arrival notification vessel
  • Arrival notification goods: the goods are placed under customs supervision at the terminal (Temporary Storage – RTO) for maximum 90 days


  • Port authority (arrival notification vessel). Thanks to the cooperation of RX/SeaPort with the most important UK Port Community Systems, this arrival notification is given upon departure of the vessel in UK, preponing the time the cargo manifest is released for starting follow-up declarations.
  • Terminal operator (arrival notification goods)


  • Importer (or represented by forwarder)
  • Customs representative
  • Haulier


  • Releasing the cargo manifest (CUSCAR) for follow-up declarations
  • Goods are placed under customs supervision until they receive an authorized customs-approved treatment (deferment of import duties, VAT and excise duties)


  • From the effective discharge of the vessel (entry into the EU)
  • Until follow-up declaration for import, transit, re-export, … within 90 days


  • Vessel arrival notification: via an electronic CUSREP message to Belgian Customs (PLDA)
  • Goods arrival notification: discharge of the goods can be tracked via the RX Dashboard

The port authority must notify the Belgian Customs of the arrival of the seagoing vessel. The cooperation of RX/SeaPort with the most important UK Port Community System prepones this time of notification with several hours. This arrival notification ensures that the cargo manifest (CUSCAR) is released for making follow-up declarations. From that moment on import or transit declarations can be made, for the automatic discharge of the goods articles concerned in the goods compatibility in PLDA.

When the goods are discharged, they are automatically included in the RTO (Temporary Storage) of the terminal where the goods are discharged by means of the declaration temporary storage. In concrete terms, this means that the terminal may not release these goods for pick-up before a follow-up declaration is made for these goods.

In practice, the notification of arrival of the vessel will already occur upon departure from the UK. The shortest sailing route is 6 hours. In this way it is already known on arrival of the ship which shipments should or should not be checked.

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Track and trace via RX Dashboard

Track&Trace via RX Dashboard

Track and trace via RX Dashboard

Via the RX dashboard the importer, his representative and the haulier receive timely insight into the different statuses of their cargo, via a handy track & trace system. 

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